Polymer Materials R & D activities are broadly concerned to chemical sciences. However, the major focus areas of R&D are :

  • Development of new value-added products having synergy with company’s business
  • Process & market support services for improving process efficiencies and upgrading products quality
  • Scanning new business opportunities for growth related to new products and processes

Polymer Materials

For fulfilling the corporate need for its polymer business, R&D centre is focused on the areas of polymer synthesis, polymer blends, alloys & composites, specialty polymer products, fibres, nanotechnology, etc. GSFC R&D maintains state-of-the-art capabilities for developing & characterizing material and for determining physical & mechanical properties of polymeric material. It has made significant contribution in improving the profitability through value addition to processes & products.

Fertilizers & Scale-up Engineering

GSFC's R&D centre is engaged in process development of new fertilizer products relevant and synergic to company's business; scale-up engineering for newly developed processes/products and pilot-scale production of R&D based products for generation of engineering data for design of commercial plant & to produce material for field trials and seed marketing and evaluation of catalyst performance.

Analytical & Microbiology

A fully-equipped analytical and microbiology laboratory provides critical support to various R&D projects from the concept to commercialization stage, monitoring of water quality of cooling towers of GSFC plants, non-routine chemical analysis of process stream samples and carrying out studies required for trouble shooting in plants. R&D also develops suitable analytical/microbiological methods as per the need.

Corrosion & Materials Evaluation

Research center evaluates and advises on selection of appropriate material forconstruction of plant machineries, equipment and components, establishing process conditions to minimize corrosion, monitor corrosion in plant and undertake failure analysis of components, Ferrographic analysis, etc.

Environment & Waste Management

Through R&D efforts of various pollution abatement methods, the value added products from wastes have been devised mainly for phosphate and solid waste utilization. All these activities stem from one of the India’s best laboratories and pilot plant setup.

Corporate R&D planning is another facet of GSFC’s R&D activity. GSFC aims to grow, diversify, improve, adapt and modernize itself. And through this cell R&D chooses projects based on realistic parameters that are determined through techno-economic feasibility studies, survey of markets, existing technologies & their adaptation and time targets. Well-equipped with modern technology, this centre is set to play a crucial role in GSFC’s development and future.

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