Nylon-6 (Gujlon)
Nylon-6 (Gujlon)

Nylon-6 (Gujlon)

Nylon-6 (Gujlon) : POLYAMIDE-6

GSFC has the largest capacity Engineering Plastic Nylon-6 plant in the country with a rated capacity of 25,000 MT. The main raw material for Nylon-6 is Caprolactam which is available from captive capacity.

Gujlon is the registered trade name of Nylon-6 chips manufactured by GSFC. Nylon-6 is tough, light-weight, abrasion-resistant, shock- resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant with higher melting point, low specific gravity, electrical insulation property and dimensional stability.

It requires no lubrication and can be machined and finished in ways similar to metals. This versatile plastic is available in general purpose injection moulding grades, glass fibre reinforced grade, plasticised grade and extrusion grades to suit diverse applications.

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  • Precision engineering components.
  • Components for textile machinery, railway, defense and automobile industries.
  • Components for electrical and electronic industries.
  • Components for appliances and consumer goods.
  • Film for packaging of food, vegetable oils.
  • Monofilaments, rods and pipes, profiles and strappings.
  • Components for hardware, building and furniture industries.

25 kg. net sealed in inner LDPE bags and outer BOPP metalized / HDPE laminated paper bags.

Available in 25 kg sealed bags with LDPE inner liner and BOPP metalised/ HDPE laminated outer lining

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