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Products & Processes

Glass Fibre-Mineral Reinforced Hybrid Composites of Nylon-6: The products offer a balance of engineering properties combined with low warpage and resistance to sink marks formation. They provide the designer, processor and the end user the combination of performance as well as processibility.

Products & Processes

Flame Retardant Nylons : The products are self-extinguishing and environment-friendly materials with desired flame retardancy rating – recommended for applications where high fire resistance is essential. The range of products in flame retardant Nylons includes:

  • Virgin non-halogenated FR Nylons – M 28 RC FR- VO flame resistance rating.
  • Glass Fibre reinforce (15-20%) FR Nylon-6 composites – V-2 FR rating.
  • Mineral reinforced non-halogenated FR Nylon-6 MF 15 W FR with V O FR rating.

High Impact Nylon-6 Alloys & its Composites : This range of value added materials offer solutions for those applications where performance is marginal in Nylon-6 specifically under humid application conditions. Its characteristics are:

  • Excellent low temperature toughness vs Nylon-6 & competitive materials.
  • Reduced moisture/water absorption ensures stability of mechanical, electrical and dimensional properties.
  • Good chemical resistance & smooth surface in glass reinforced composites.
  • Higher modulus in service conditions vs. Nylon-6.
  • Lower density advantages to processors and end users.

Development of Nano Clay-based Moulding grade of Nylon-6: Suitable for replacing high-end moulding applications not met by general purpose Nylon-6 grades & also to satisfy specific customer demands. Additional attributes of the product are:

  • Superior flow & higher toughness.
  • Lower ,melting temperatures suitable for applications requiring lower processing temperatures, low injection pressures.
  • Improved processibility during Moulding.

Development of Antimicrobial Nylon-6 yarn for better hygiene - A differentiated special Nylon-6 yarn product having product performance/attributes like:

  • Antimicrobial properties meeting international standard without any adverse effect on textile processing & properties.
  • Bacterial survival percentage < 0.1% for unwashed & after 50 wash & 100 wash cycles.

Specialty Acrylic Copolymers as Processing aids for PVC: A new product in acrylic product range with application as processing aid for PVC. It helps in fusion of PVC compound.

  • Reduces mixing time of PVC compound.
  • Enhances compound homogeneity & improves gloss.
  • Reduces surface imperfection & plate-outs.
  • Prevents melt fracture at Die exit.

FCO approved water-soluble fertilizers of 19-19-19, 0-52-34, 13-0-45, 12-61-0 & 0-0-50 grades under SARDAR NUTRISOL brand in 1 kg & 25 kg packaging.

New water-soluble fertilizer, Urea Phosphate under SARDAR NUTRISOL brand as NUTRISOL 17-44-0.

Micronutrient mixture as per GOG approved formula no.4 under SARDAR Micro Mix G-4 Ch brand in 250 gram packaging.

Melamine based concrete super plasticizer in 20% & 40% solution under SMF-20 & SMF-40 brand name. The production is discontinued at present due to low off take.

Chalk-Fly ash-Lime-based eco-bricks not in production currently.

Non-leachable Sulphur nutrient with high sulphur concentration as 90% granulated Sulphur.

Hydroxylamine Sulphate in crystalline form quality upgradation & support services to process plants & customers.

  • Heat-Stabilized higher flow PMMA grade A variant in our offering having heat resistance as well as superior melt-flow characteristics.
  • Upgradation of off-spec Melamine already implemented in Melamine-I plant.
  • Moisture reduction of MEK Oxime.
  • Recovery of oil from coolant used in Mmachine shop.
  • Cost-effective process for disposal of sulphur muck.
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