Facilities & Infrastructure
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Facilities & Infrastructure

Facilities & Infrastructure

Fully-equipped with Advanced developmental, testing & characterization facilities

  • Microprocessor controlled Multipurpose Catalyst Testing Pilot Plant
  • ICP Spectrometers,
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • Pilot scale Twin Screw Extrusion System
  • Rheocord System equipped with Extruder & Mixing Modules
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Microprocessor Controlled Impact Testing Facility
  • Microprocessor Controlled HDT/Vicat Tester
Facilities & Infrastructure
  • UV-VISIBLE Spectrometer
  • Fully-equipped Pilot Plants for Scale-up of Unit Operations
  • Pilot Plant for Solution, Suspension & Emulsion Polymerization
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Viscometer
  • LAFs, Shaker, Autoclave, Incubators etc.
  • Other Regular Dry & Wet Analytical Facilities for Identification & Analysis of Materials

Concept to commercialization is the hallmark of GSFC R&D functioning and a number of products have been commercialized & some are runaway success in the business.

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