Cyclohexanone (C6H10O) is an intermediate product of the Caprolactam plant.


Purity 99.7% (by wt.) Min.
Cyclohexanol 0.1% (by wt.) Max.
Low Boiling Products (like Alcohol, Aldehydes etc) 0.1% (by wt.) Max.
Water 0.1% (by wt.) Max.
Other Organics 0.15 %(by wt.) Max.
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  • Most important use is as a chemical intermediate in the production of Adipic Acid and in the manufacturing of Caprolactam.
  • It is also used as a solvent and thinner for lacquers, especially those containing nitrocellulose or vinyl chloride polymer and copolymer resins including polyvinyl chloride and methacrylate ester polymers.
  • It is an excellent solvent for DDT and organic phosphorus insecticides and pesticides.
  • It is used as a sludge solvent in oil for piston type aircraft lubrication.

Anone is sold in mild steel drums of 200 litre capacity, whereas the bulk Anone is sold in MS road tankers of about 10 MT or higher capacity.

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