Technical Grade Urea
Technical Grade Urea

Technical Grade Urea

Technical Grade Urea


Chemical Formula NH2CONH2
Moisture % by wt. Max. 0.6
Total Nitrogen % by wt. (on dry basis) Min. 46.0
Biuret % by wt. Max. 0.9
Particle size Min.80% of the material shall be retained between 1 mm and 2.8 mm IS sieve Min.


  • Used in production of Water-soluble fertilizers.
  • Used in Dyes and Pigment industries.
  • Used in cattle feed.
  • Used for manufacturing of Urea Formaldehyde resin.
  • Used in production of Diesel exhaust fluid for pollution abatement.
  • Used in plywood and adhesive industries.


50 kg net weight in PP bags

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