Organic Products
Organic Products

Organic Products

Liquid Bio Fertilisers (LBF)

Organic Products

Packaging : 500 ml & 1 litre bottle

Azotobacter and Azospirillum

  • Contains live micro-organisms which help in fixation/releasing of Nitogen in plant
  • Fixes 20-25 kg Nitrogen per acre
  • Applicable in cereals, cash crops, horticultural crops

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria

  • 20-25 kg Phosphorus per acre is solubilised by producing organic acids
  • Can be applied to all crops


  • Increases yield, suppresses plant pathogens and maintains soil fertility
  • Used in seed treatment, soil application & most effective method i.e. drip irrigation.

Liquid Consortia (NPK)

  • NPK bio consortia consists of three micro-organisms viz.Azotobacter, Bacillus Coagulans, Bacillus Mucilaginous having Nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilising and potash mobilising abilities respectively.

Benefits /Advantages

  • NPK bio fertilizer fixes atmospheric Nitrogen and solubilises insoluble Phosphate and Potash present in the soil.

Dosage : 500 ml/acre


Organic Products

Packaging : 1 kg

  • It is a biological fungicide, nematicides and a plant growth promoting rhizospheric bacteria
  • A potential bacterial antagonist produces antibiotics, siderophores and hydrogen cyanide to control plant disease
  • Protects crops from sheath blight of rice, sheath blight of banana and many other diseases caused by various pathogenic fungal species


  • Applicable to all crops
  • Apply the product at 1kg/acre mixed with 20-25 kg FYM
  • Mix 1 kg product in 200 litre water and apply in 1 acre


Organic Products

Packaging : 1 kg

  • Antagonistic Fungus effective for the control of seed and soil borne diseases.
  • Trichoderma kills several major root rot fungi: Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Fusarium and also protects the roots from any stress
  • It shows antibiosis effect by secreting secondary metabolites


  • Recommended for majority economically important crops, especially pulses and oil seeds.
  • Apply the product at 1 kg/acre mixed with 20-25 kg FYM
  • Mix 1 kg product in 200 litre water and apply in 1 acre

VAM - Mycorrhiza

Organic Products

Plants care

Packaging : 1 kg & 5 kg

  • Biological fertilizer based on spores and fragments of mycorrhizal fungal filaments and infected root bits.
  • Mycorrhiza starts associating symbiotically with the root of the plants
  • This helps the plant in the absorption of water, phosphorus solubilisation and uptake of other essential macro and micro elements.

Application & Dosage

  • Apply 250 gm VAM in 100 Sq. Mtr. Area during land preparation

VAM - Mycorrhiza

Organic Products

Soil Care

  • Use 3 kg VAM per acre in furrow of maize, sorghum, wheat, soya bean, groundnut, etc.

Seed Application

  • Coat 1kg seed with jaggery solution and spray 100 gm VAM. 500 to 1000 gms per acre depending upon different crop seeds.
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