Neem Urea
Neem Urea

Neem Urea

Neem Urea

GSFC has two UREA-NH2CONH2, (46.2%) plants with a rated capacity of 1,03,000 and 2,64,000 TPA. Main raw materials for UREA are Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide for which the feedstocks are Naphtha and associated Gas.


Moisture % by wt. Max. 1.0
Total Nitrogen % by wt. (on dry basis) Min. 46.0
Biuret % by wt. Max. 1.5
Neem Oil content soluble in Benzene, % by wt. Min. 0.035
Particle size Min.80% of the material shall be retained between 1 mm and 2.8 mm IS sieve
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  • Used as Nitrogenous fertilizer (for agriculture purpose only).
  • Useful for variety of crops.

45 kg. net HDPE bags

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