Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibilities

CSR Activities are undertaken by GSFC since its inception in some or the other form. Today, company has developed CSR as a very special concept to promote the overall development, progress and betterment of the people belonging to weaker sections of society with a view to improving ‘Human Development Index’ (HDI) in core areas like education, health, safe drinking water, vocational training, livelihood, special children, support during natural calamities and various in-house projects.

Corporate Social Responsibilities


  • Empowering youth for better prospect GSFC University.
  • Shaping future of the nation School at BU, SU, FU.
  • A healthy body leads to healthy mind Sports Coaching in schools - Looking at the present competitive world to develop multifaceted personalities the sports culture is given very high importance worldwide.

Special Children

  • Why fit in when you were born to stand out - Osmosis Centre GSFC in association with GCSRA has established ‘Osmosis Centre’ at Urban PHC, Chhani, Vadodara. The main goal of Centre is to help children with learning difficulties by adopting inclusive education with developmental therapy and enhance the growth curve of children. Osmosis runs therapy centre for children who learn differently.

Developing CSR Culture

  • We rise by lifting others Employee Engagement Activities.
  • Not just human, Humane too Wall of Humanity.
  • Making world a better place Support Beyond Boundaries.

Rural Development

  • Jal he Jivan hai Drinking water Supply to Nearby villages.
  • Creating inclusive structures Infrastructure Development.
  • I have a dream Skill Development.

Major Past Initiatives

  • Fighting Hunger Support to The Akshaya Patra Foundation.
  • Swachta tyan prabhuta Construction of HSLs – Household Sanitary Latrines.

Contribution and Donations

  • Together we can Regular Support to Various NGOs and other institutions for upliftment of the society.
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