Fire Safety
Fire Saftey
Fire Safety

Fire Safety

The Three Main Functions are

  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fire Protection

Fire Prevention Methods

  • Hot work permit procedure & preparedness while executing of work.
  • Regulated manpower and vehicle control.
  • Designated permits for various jobs.
  • Report on the job training.

Plants are provided with state-of-the-art fire protection facilities. An ISO 9002 certified department for adopting standard operating practices. Tank farm facilities conform to the most stringent standards like NFPA, BS, OISD.

The communication system for the fire unit includes

  • Analogue addressable fire alarm & detection system.
  • PC-based conventional panel with graphic interface.
  • Wireless network.
  • Hot line facilities to mutual aid industries.
  • OIECR communication network.

Plant Fire Protection System includes

  • Deluge foam protection system.
  • Conventional foam system.
  • Water spray system for critical equipment.
  • Fire hydrant network with hydrants & monitors located as per NFPA & TAC guidelines.

Tank Farm Fire Protection System includes

  • Manual foam system.
  • Water spray protection system.
  • 1000 GPM long range foam monitors.
  • Inert gas blanketing.


  • All employees are given fire-fighting training.
  • Emergency response training is given through mock drills.
  • Refresher training is conducted on regular basis.
  • Fire brigade response and performance amongst mutual aid industries is checked by mock drills and other offsite emergency exercises conducted by OIECR.

Fire Fighting Appliances and Equipment

  • 7 Foam crash tenders equipped with Firex and Rosen Bauer pumps.
  • 2 300 lbs. DCP tailors.
  • One Rosenbauer trailer pump.
  • One hydraulic platform of 42 m height equipped with 4000-LPM Rosenbauer pump with one remote controlled monitor and one hand controlled monitor. This equipment is the tallest in the state of Gujarat.


  • The manpower is trained with the latest equipment and discipline is the key for this department
  • Officers are professionally qualified with training imparted from reputed fire college.

Fire Station

  • There are two fire stations in the complex manned round-the-clock. They are equipped with the latest fire control equipment. All equipment are checked and tested at regular basis.
  • A separate Emergency Control Centre (ECC) equipped with all necessary communication facilities is manned round-the-clock.
  • Regular fire audits, both internal and external, are conducted to ensure best preparedness against any eventuality.

Safety Services

Safety department comprises of well-qualified & experienced safety officers & safety representatives equipped with latest equipment, instruments for monitoring safe work environment.

Main Functions of Safety Department are

  • Ensuring compliance of safety management system by plant.
  • Imparting safety training to newly recruited manpower & contract labourers & supervisors and existing employees.
  • Maintaining & procuring of PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Conducting mock drills & evacuation drills for ensuring preparedness to deal with emergency.
  • Conducting routine & random safety inspection of plants & licenced premises for ensuring & improvement of safety management system.
  • Renewal of various licenses.
  • Preparation & updation of on site emergency action plan, MSDS & other safety literature.
  • Playing vital role during real emergencies.
  • HAZOP studies of modifications in existing plants/new Projects and special Study/surveys.
  • Compliance of various statutory requirements.
  • Analysis & investigation of various accidents/incidents/near miss.
  • Safety vigil is exercised in all activities to achieve zero fatality & minimize reportable accidents.
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