Vision & Mission
Vision Mission
Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

  • Vision


    Our vision is to efficiently produce an array of valuable, superior and reliable products that enrich lives of millions in farms, industries and homes. The Company envisions operating in synergy with its environment and seeks to be recognized as an enterprise that is for total customer satisfaction and creates credible long term value for its stakeholders. Integrity and transparency remains the corner-stones of Company's governance.

  • Mission


    The Company seeks to enrich lives;

    • of customers by providing goods and services that add value to farm enterprises, industries and homes.
    • of stakeholders by continuously adding value by managing responsibly, sensibly and maintaining ethical standards of highest quality.
    • of neighborhood community by working in synergy with its environment and enriching the bio-diversity.
    • of employees by providing them a work environment that fosters growth, learning, achievement, team work and a perfect work-life balance.
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