Application Development Center
Application Development Center
Application Development Center

Application Development Center

Developing Innovative Grades and Applications

Application Development Centre (ADC) at GSFC was set up in 1982, in-line with the company's mission to develop innovative applications of various industrial products manufactured by the company for cost-effective end uses.


Application Development

Application Development Centre

  • Developing Nylon 6 polymer based new unfilled and filled grades viz. high flow, fast processing, impact modified, weather resistant, flame retardant, colored etc. and their applications for various industrial segments like, automotive, engineering, electrical and electronics, construction, textile, fishing etc. as per market requirements.
  • Modifying existing grades as per customer requirement.
  • Improving techno – economics of various grades.
  • Developing cost effective innovative applications.
  • esting and certification of commercial products of Nylon 6.
Market Development

Market Development

Market for existing as well as new grades is created by…

  • Identifying market requirement and developing new grade in line with.
  • Conducting application trials of new grade and get customer approval.
  • Developing new Entrepreneurs.
  • Training the Entrepreneurs for various applications of our products.
  • Participating in plastics exhibitions and seminars.
  • Organizing consumer meets.
  • Disseminating technical information in the form of literature and by providing free samples for trials.
Customer Services

Customer Services

  • A team of well-qualified and experienced personnel in the field of mould designing, testing & processing is available to render services to the CUSTOMERS.
  • Guidance to the CUSTOMERS for selection of appropriate grades, processing techniques and parameters for various applications.
  • After-sales services to the CUSTOMERS for solving the problems related to "Man, Machine and Material".
  • Issuing product specific various regulatory compliances as per customer requirements.
  • Offering testing facilities to the CUSTOMERS for various thermoplastic raw materials.
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