Horticulture Department
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Horticulture Department

Horticulture Department

Horticulture Department

Horticulture Department


Management has decided to establish its own NURSERY for maintaining greenery and supply of plants for encouraging awareness for clean environment to society. Horticulture Nursery was started with establishment of Chemical Plants right from beginning.

Motivation of urban garden lovers for kitchen gardening by supplying improved varieties of ornamental plants through nursery.

Horticulture Department


  • To prepare and maintain gardens and plantations nearly 8.93 lakh sqm for clean environment.
  • To propagate plants, to rear seasonal seedlings & roadside trees and selling.
  • To participate in State & National level exhibitions & competitions.

Participations and Performance in State and National Level Exhibition

Year No. of Trophies No. of Prizes
2013 - 14 16 221
2012 - 13 14 191
2011 - 12 11 160

Institutional Association

  • M.S.University
  • Baroda Agri.-Horticultural Committee
  • Society for Clean Environment
  • All India Rose Federation & Society
  • All India Nurserymen Association
  • State Agricultural Universities
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