Green Initiatives


Testing Facilities

ADC is well-equipped to undertake Testing of Thermoplastic for following parameters…

Tensile Strength Flexural Strength
Impact Strength Rockwell Hardness
Di-electric Strength Specific Gravity
Heat Deflection Temperature Elongation
Vicat Softening Temperature Abrasion Resistance
Melt Flow Index

Besides above Physico-mechanical parameters, we also have well-equipped laboratory for testing following Chemical properties…

Relative Viscosity Water extractable
Moisture Contents Fillers
End Groups


We have various machines for moulding and extrusion of various Plastic Raw Materials and for Training of Entrepreneurs & Demonstration to the CUSTOMERS…

Injection moulding Machine Extruder
Thermoforming machines Chilled Cast Film Machine
Vacuum Packaging Machine Compression moulding
Dryers Heat Sealing Machine
Machines/ Equipments for Acrylic Fabrication
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