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Sikka Unit (SU)

As a part of expansion aimed at catering to the needs of Gujarat's farmers, GSFC established its coastal Di Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) plant at Sikka at Moti Khavdi, 27 km from Jamnagar and 10 km from Sikka Port.

The plant produces DAP from merchant grade Phosphoric Acid and Ammonia. The Phosphoric Acid from countries like Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa and Ammonia from Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia arrives at Sikka jetty, from where it is transported by a pipeline to GSFC plants. Sulphuric Acid and Bentonite are added for grade adjustment. The plant was originally designed for DAP but has the flexibility to produce other products in tune with market requirement. The plant successfully produced Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate (APS) for the first time in 2001. The unit has been facilitated for the production of NPK Fertilizers.

GSFC Fibre Unit (FU) at Kosamba

GSFC's Fibre Unit (FU) is located near Kosamba Railway Station on the Ahmedabad - Mumbai rail route. It is about 40 km north of Surat city. This unit was established by Gujarat Nylons Limited, a company promoted by Surat Weavers Association and the Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited (GIIC). It uses process technology from Lurgi GmbH, Germany. The unit was taken over by GSFC in April 1990 and renamed as GSFC - Fibre Unit.

The company uses Caprolactam produced at GSFC's Vadodara Unit for the production of Nylon-6 Filament Yarn, Nylon-6 basic chips and compounding grade chips. It has a 6,000 MTA capacity.

Polymer Unit (PU) at Nandesari

The Polymers Corporation of Gujarat Ltd., a Gujarat Industrial Investment Corporation Limited (GIIC) supported company, was established in the year 1973. The company was amalgamated into GSFC Ltd. The Production Unit (PU) is located in the PCC notified area near Ranoli village of Vadodara district. The technical know-how was provided by M/s Mitsubishi Rayon Company, Japan.

GSFC's PU is India's leading supplier of Acrylic products from virgin monomer produced by the company in its own plants. GSFC-PU offers a wide range of Acrylic Monomers & Polymers. The products manufactured by the company meet international quality standards.

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