Di-Ammonium Phosphate
Di-Ammonium Phosphate

Di-Ammonium Phosphate

Di-Ammonium Phosphate

GSFC's Di-Ammonium Phosphate [(NH4), HPO. (18 % N, 46% P2O5)] plant at Vadodara has a capacity of 2,16,000 TPA. Main raw material for DAP are Sulphur & Rock Phosphate. The main feedstock is Naptha & associated Gas.

GSFC also has a coastal DAP plant at Sikka in Jamnagar district with a rated capacity of 3,26,000 TPA. The main raw materials are imported Ammonia and Phosphoric Acid. At Sikka, the capacity had been expanded by 3.96 LT in the recent past.


Moisture % by wt. Max 2.5
Available Phosphorus (as P2O5), % by wt. -Min 46.0
Water-soluble Phosphorus (as P2O5), % by wt. Min 39.5
Total Nitrogen % by wt. Min 18.0
Ammoniacal Nitrogen from % by wt. Min 15.5
Particle size minimum 90% of the material shall be retained between 1 mm & 4 mm IS sieve
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  • Used as complex fertilizer for supply of 'N' and 'P2O5' nutrients.
  • Mainly used in basal application of fertilizers due to slow releasing nature of DAP.

50 kg. net HDPE bags.

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