New Frontiers of Diversification

1972 - 2002

GSFC was originally conceived as a fertilizer company with an objective of providing agricultural boost to the farmers in Gujarat and making the state self-sufficient in fertilizers. Envisioning the market pulse well in time, with a structured diversification strategy, the company, ventured into the foray of industrial chemicals segment. Having this objective in mind, company's integrated complex at Vadodara has been so designed and structured that it shall be more or less self-sustained by using the by-products generated by its group of fertilizer plants.

GSFC was the first company in India to establish a Caprolactam plant in the year 1974. This was an apt time as Caprolactam was in great demand mainly for the manufacturing of downstream products like nylon yarn, tyre cord, etc. As a way forward, it led to expansion into Nylon-6 production. GSFC was also the first to recover Argon gas from purge gas. It, thus, entered into the foray of industrial gases by making Argon gas, which is prominently used in welding. This was done way back in the year 1981.

Adding to its credit, GSFC also set up India's first Melamine plant. The expansion and diversification of GSFC's product portfolio unfolded new growth vistas to the nation by providing much needed fertilizers for agricultural growth and chemicals for industrial growth.

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