Nurturing future

2015 - 2021


To cater to the rising demand for Nylon-6, GSFC boosted its production capacity by setting up a new 45 MTPD Nylon-6-II plant, which started commercial production in July 2016. A prominent manufacturer of Polyamide-6, commonly known as Nylon-6, in the country, the present capacity of the two Nylon-6 plants is 23,000 MTPA per year. The Nylon-6-II plant of GSFC has drawn technical knowhow from Lurgi of Germany (now Technip Zimmer). The plant is designed to produce engineering plastic and film grades of Nylon-6 chips, with a capacity of 30 MTPD and 15 MTPD respectively.


To expand the Melamine capacity, a new Melamine-III plant of 40,000 MTPA, with integrated Molten Urea producing unit of 50,000 MTPA was set up which started commercial production in March 2019. GSFC and Casale, Switzerland signed a contract for the new 40,000 MTPA Melamine Project. GSFC also entered into an LSTK contract with Larsen & Toubro Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) for EPC. The new plant consists of two main sections - Off Gas Treatment (OGT) unit and Melamine unit.


The government of India has been promoting the use of WSF since 2003, to maximize fertilizer use, efficiency, and crop productivity, with the precise amount of nutrients. GSFC started production trial of complex WSF 19-19-19 grade in 2006. After gaining success, commercial production was initiated in 2016 in a 20,000 MTPA plant. The technology was developed in-house. Detailed engineering was provided by Hindustan Dorr Oliver. Along with 20,000 MT of WSF 19-19-19 grade, the plant is designed to produce 10,000 MT of five other WSF fertilizers and 65 MTPA of the micro mix.


The government of India has been encouraging the use of bio-degradable fertilizers to maintain balance in soil micronutrients. Sardar Amin Granules (SAG) and Sardar Amin Liquid (SAL) are eco-safe bio-degradable products containing amino acids derived from plant protein. Developed in-house, they are a perfect balance of macro and micronutrients. The commercial production of both these grades was initiated in 2005. After the increase in demand for these products, a new plant for the production of 5,000 MTPA SAG and 40,000 LTPA SAL was commissioned in October 2018.


  • Revamping Urea-II plant to improve plant reliability and reduce energy consumption.
  • Renovating Phosphoric Acid and APS plants to improve productivity, efficiency & reliability and ensuring smooth and safe operations.
  • Installing 400 MTPD Sulphuric Acid plant at Vadodara to meet the captive requirement. The plant is envisaged to provide 440 MTPD steam to the complex; thus, reducing the load on NG fired boilers.
  • Installing 400 MTPD Ammonium Sulphate plant at Vadodara to capture the rapidly expanding market.
  • The pilot plant at Sikka optimizes production process parameters and produces different NPK grades.
  • 15 MW Solar Power project at Charanka for optimum utilization of green energy and to meet Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO).
  • Installing Nylon-6 Compounding Lines at Vadodara Unit to produce different grades of Nylon-6.
  • 22 MTPD Sardar Sulphur S90 Powder Project at Vadodara Unit to help reduce soil pH and alkalinity in saline/calcareous soils.
  • 42 MLD Tertiary Treated Waste Water Plant for conservation of fresh water.
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