Water Soluble Polymers - (GUJPOL-WSP-01)
Water Soluble Polymers - (GUJPOL-WSP-01)

Water Soluble Polymers - (GUJPOL-WSP-01)

Water Soluble Polymers - (GUJPOL-WSP-01)

GUJPOL - WSP - 01 is an acrylic polymer-based polyelectroyte which has excellent properties for pigment dispersion and stabilisation.

GUJPOL - WSP - 01 solution are colourless to pale yellow in appearance. GUJPOL - WSP - 01 being high molecular weight polymer, offers considerable viscosity even upon dilution.

GUJPOL - WSP - 01 undergoes easy thermal degradation and leaves near zero residue.


Typical Average Properties of GUJPOL-S (3 mm thick clear transparent sheet)

Active Content Polymethacrylate resin
Physical state Solution form (aqueous)
Solid Content % W / W 150.+-05
pH (when packed) 10 Min.
Brookfield Viscosity (LV-2) (RP MD-3) at 25oC CPS 70,000 Min.
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.05+-0.05
Molecular Weight 1.1 x 106
Colour Clear to pale yellow
Smell Ammoniacal
Product Image
Product Image
  • Coating of fluorescent pigment in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps by "Hydrobased Technology".
  • Thickening agent for synthetic styrene butadine rubber latices, cosmetics, toothpaste etc.
  • Additive in oil well drilling process.

50 Kgs. HM-HDPE carboys.

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